International Gay Dating Advice for Online Dating

The world of gay hookup apps can be a wet and wild place. With someone guys using online dating, you’d think they would have learned a thing or two about how to behave on them. I just might have a few pieces of advice for you that will come in handy. No matter where you are this advice is universal. Alright my fellow gays, let’s pump the gas and get started!

The best pieces of advice I have are to know yourself and then know your audience. The first aspect of this might seem obvious, but I’m serious, so many guys don’t know what they are looking for or what they want. You need to have a heart-to-heart with yourself and figure out your desires and motivations before trying to oppress another guy with your wantonness. Some key things you might want to consider answering for yourself before meeting up with a guy might be:

I’ve been using gay hookup apps for ten years

  • Am I looking for something long-term or just a casual encounter?

Don’t get on a sex app or hookup app if you want to date. That won’t end well. Be honest with yourself. You may like the idea of sleeping with multiple guys, but then you unexpectedly get attached with someone after you sleep together. Don’t be that guy. Use dating apps for dating and gay hookup apps for hooking up. If you’re not sure what the app skews toward, a good measure of thumb is that if a app allows nudes it’s more for hooking up. If it does not, it is probably geared toward dating.

I’ve been using gay hookup apps for ten years

  • Do I prefer to top, bottom or both? (more…)
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