The best-managed tibia is an isolated kept ability on the PFV 297 (PEFO 34273; Numbers 10l–o)

5.7.twelve Tibia

The brand new proximal head of the tibia is much longer similarly to aetosaurs; Parrish ( 1986 ) recommended your expanded tibial lead may be a beneficial synapomorphy regarding the fresh aetosaurs. Instance aetosaur tibiae, this new proximal facial skin of one’s tibia from inside the R. callenderi is actually split up by a beneficial ridge for the a couple equal measurements of quite concave medial and you will lateral condyles (Numbers 10l–o). The brand new proximal counters of medial and you will lateral condyles are concave, and a distinct lip can be acquired where in actuality the one or two condyles fulfill. New proximal head of the tibia are greatly extended mediolaterally relative toward diameter of one’s axle to your finest expansion medially (Figure 10n). The brand new axle is subrounded inside the cross section. The brand new tibia length is approximately one or two-thirds the size of the fresh new femur (Investigation S2). A straight ridge is situated into the posterolateral section of the shaft.

This new distal prevent is even mediolaterally prolonged however as strongly just like the proximal prevent and you will strongly is much like the brand new suchian standing (Profile 10o). New medial part of the articular body ideas distally that will be convex. The newest horizontal portion is actually reduced distally longer along its rear boundary and you may an excellent posterior groove divides the 2 articulation counters.

5.eight.13 Fibula

For the PEFO 34561, new fibula is quite upright (Numbers 10p–s), differing out-of compared to aetosaurians, with a noticable “kink” (e.g., Letter. engaeus; PVL 3525; L. meadei, TTM 31185-97). New proximal prevent was anteroposteriorly longer and you can circular in proximal check. (more…)

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